Our design department is the foundation for your product solutions. Depending on the task specified, our experienced design teams develop the best solution for you in the core fields of tool- and die-making and special-purpose engineering.

Our 12 Siemens NX12 CAD workstations guarantee the required capacity, even if the work must be done quickly. Working at these CAD workstations with the advanced 3D software NX12, we are able to develop and design for you single parts, fixtures, assemblies, as well as complete special-purpose machines and tools and dies, which are then manufactured and mounted in our manufacturing department and assembly department.

Three additional CAM workstations ensure quick data exchange between design and manufacturing and thus quick and flexible part manufacturing.

An outstanding team of fresh and seasoned design engineers rounds out our performance and guarantees prompt and perfect execution of the project.

Tool and die design – no part is just like any other

Based on the expertise we have accumulated from more than 400 designed and implemented dies, we can meet virtually ”any“ challenge! Thus, the services we offer range from cutting and bending dies via progressive and transfer dies up to fine-blanking dies for parts from only a few millimeters to those of approximately A3 format in size.
In executing feasibility studies during the design process, we define the required product safety and the preconditions for zero-error production. In process engineering, we determine the technique and the sequence of process steps in which your die will be manufactured. Auxiliary technologies for forming and drawing simulation are available for optimal tool and die design and dimensioning.

Special-purpose engineering- there is a solution for every challenge

Our machinery is dimensioned and designed for diverse, customer-specific automation tasks – ranges of application are to be found in almost all industries. No matter whether for subcontracting to the automotive industry, for the food industry, or for sun protection management – we provide a variety of solutions.

In special-purpose engineering, we pay close attention to detailed project planning. We plan your project – from defining the level of automation to performing the specific cycle time analysis – depending on the part quantity to be produced. This is the first step toward finding the variant that will both be the most cost-effective and offer the longest life.