Quality management as needed – making tools, dies, and special-purpose machines that fit

For our customers, quality in tool- and die-making and special- purpose engineering, and in all other areas as well, entails extreme precision in dimensional and shape position tolerances down to the µ range. The top quality of each workpiece’s surface finish and its material qualities also determine the performance of the tools and dies or the special-purpose machine. Our target is to always achieve and maintain the tolerances and quality features required of your components. All manufactured parts are inspected and measured after each machining operation, whether during CNC milling, EDM or grinding according to the procedural requirements. For this purpose, our employees in machining and assembly are of course equipped with all the means necessary for inspection and testing. Workpieces with a tight range of tolerances are inspected in our air-conditioned measuring room to determine compliance with the required tolerances and surface quality and then are measured again. Thanks to our fully automated 3D-CNC measuring machine, we can survey the components according to their requirements in comparison with the CAD model and create an in-depth measuring report for subsequent analysis.

Everywhere all the time – thanks to the 3D measuring lever

We can easily survey in-house even complicated components and workpieces whose positions are hard to access. Our mobile 3D measuring lever makes it possible to analyze almost all components without any difficulty to guarantee that tolerances are correctly maintained. Consequently, in the field of quality control, we are outstandingly well prepared to cope with any requirements in an optimal manner and can thus guarantee high quality production of your components. Should you have questions about our quality assurance procedures, feel free to contact us by phone or email, or simply use our contact form.

Certificate ISO 9001

Environmental management is an additional quality feature

We see ourselves as a conscientious firm, and so we always carefully consider environmental management in all environmentally relevant processes. They are continuously inspected in house and regularly analyzed for potential optimization. Co-operation with special service providers allows for media and substances affecting the environment to be dealt with correctly. The individual types of disposal are stored in-process at a central refuse-collecting point on the company site. We retain substances that may contaminate water or are inflammable only in minimal amounts. They are stored in safe, leakage-proof spaces.