About us – what we make and what we can do

We are a Saxon company situated in Limbach-Oberfrohna. Since our foundation in 1992, the operations have been continuously extended, and the firm has grown to become a highly efficient and reliable tool- and die-making and special-purpose engineering company in the meantime. Through continuous training and education, we have invested in our technical experts and built our own strong and powerful team that is ready to meet the requirements of our demanding customers. Reliable quality and comprehensive expertise in the fields of tool- and die-making, special purpose engineering and automation systems, component manufacture on contractual basis even for small batch production are among our strengths. Flat hierarchies and direct communication provide for an undisturbed order flow and quick functioning. From design/ engineering to tool and die tryout or full automation of your special-purpose machine – our comprehensive services offered make available the full range of services under one roof. We are ready to assist you as contact partner and give you our advice and support – even after delivery.

Our business departments at a glance

Development – the thinkers who turn your ideas into projects

Our design and electrical engineers are crucial to the development of new components and principles because they work as the interface between the customer and our whole process chain. They design tools and dies for the required components, and these tools and dies, in turn, can be made according to your requirements and at a reasonable cost. We also engineer and manufacture special –purpose machines for you according to your requirements with the easiest possible handling. Read more here.

Manufacturing – the people who bring these projects to .life

From the blank size via CNC milling to co-ordinate grinding: We have all the manufacturing techniques needed to produce high-quality workpieces on site. To see which manufacturing processes are available, read more here. Our manufacturing department is continuously supported by our quality department, which contributes greatly to achieving and maintaining all the tolerances required.

Tool- and die-making – assembling the parts to make the whole

Our experienced toolmakers in the tool- and die-making department know their business. Equipped with several small machines for modifications and two tryout presses for the die tryout, the toolmakers can work very quickly and flexibly. A finished die can be made in just a few weeks, depending on size and volume.

To learn what we can do for you in tool- and die-making, read more here.

Special purpose engineering – individual components become a machine

We already have years of experience in producing widely different types of machinery in the field of special- purpose engineering. Here it is important that the machinery provides long life and guarantees reliable processes at the same time; it should also be custom-designed, easy to operate, and safe – to name only the most essential criteria. We at Mieruch und Hofmann know how to implement various levels of automation and are able to introduce this feature as needed into the  design engineering of a special-purpose machine from the outset.

Quality management – bringing theory and practice in harmony

If the objective is to achieve precision down to the µ range, one cannot do without quality control that uses adequate measuring instruments. In the air-conditioned measuring room, the workpieces are surveyed and inspected in detail for dimensional correctness on our 3D measuring machine. As a result, a measuring report representing the real component state is generated. This way, we can demonstrate based on evidence whether the part in its finished state coincides with the nominal geometry, that is the drawing, or the CAD model.

Service –it’s what we do

Our wide range of services offered completes the service portfolio; they provide an effective benefit for you as a customer. It does not matter whether we are supporting you by phone, performing services for you on site, or optimizing the processes of your machinery. It is even possible to produce spare parts or re-manufacture assemblies/ subassemblies quickly. We are your provider of choice in tool- and die-making and special-purpose engineering if you are looking for high quality and satisfied customers. Please contact us!

Interested? Questions? If so, please email us or visit our contacts page.

We look forward to hearing from you.