From the very beginning we support you in technological development and machine design engineering. In the next step, the tools and dies or the special-purpose machine are created at high quality in our company and are made available at operational readiness. But for us at Mieruch und Hofmann, the term “quality“ stands not just for precise and high-quality manufacturing of tools and dies or special purpose machines but also for comprehensive services. Consequently, we offer a wide range of services to you.

Firmenwagen für Serviceeinsätze


  • Phone support

    • Do you have a technical problem or question concerning the equipment we have produced for you? If so, please call +49 3722 6316-0 and describe the issue in detail.
  • Diagnostics via remote maintenance assistance (modules)

    • If your machinery malfunctions and you do not know what to do: we analyze your failures and errors via remote maintenance. This saves you time and money.
  • Service deployment in cases of malfunctions or breakdowns

    • Should this occur, we will come to you to remedy the problem and execute a root cause analysis.
  • Preventive machine maintenance to avoid breakdowns

    • It is one of our standards to define maintenance intervals and/ or define individual actions for maintenance so that your equipment will run without problems.

Technical support

  • Operator training

    • To guarantee the correct operation of the machinery we also offer operator training.
  • Production support

    • In many cases, an operator training based on documentation alone is not enough to efficiently run machinery from start on. We offer production support to give you help as the machine is running and to demonstrate approaches to solve the problem.
  • Technology and process optimization

    • We can also optimize your running processes later or modify technologies. If, for instance, the cycle times have to be reduced, we can carry out the required modifications.
  • Redesign of machinery

    • If the component size to be manufactured changes or you plan to switch another manufacturing technique in general: we can redesign and modify your machinery according to your requirements.

You can contact us via different channels from our contacts page. Our experienced and committed employees will be able to answer your questions quickly and reliably and guide you to the solutions you need.