In all our manufacturing departments, highly advanced equipment provides precision, promptness, and flexibility. Together with our committed personnel and motivated employees, we can always find ways to fulfill the most stringent market demands and thus stay competitive. Regular training sessions and workshops are offered to communicate new technologies and strategies. This makes it possible to run the machinery and tools more and more efficiently and productively.

The employees on the shop floor are supported by our CAM programming team using Siemens NX, which is the same software used by the design department. This results in efficient programming without loss of time and information between design and programming.

We are capable of machining/ processing widely varying materials. Our powerful machining department can precisely produce electrically conductive plastics, highly alloyed steels, and hardened high-performance steels with a hardness of maximum 70 HRC, as well.

Our manufacturing departments at a glance

CNC milling – from 3-axis milling to 5-axis simultaneous machining

Our CNC milling shop is equipped with various machine types and is thus capable of covering all types of manufacturing – from conventional 3-axis milling up to 5-axis simultaneous machining. All part sizes, from small parts no larger than a 1 EURO coin to large parts of maximum 2500mm in X, 900mm in Y, and 900mm in Z direction, can be CNC milled in our shop. No matter how large or small – each part is manufactured with high precision and is inspected and surveyed during production. Please have a look at our news page, where you can read an industry report about milling.

CNC turning – custom-built turned parts

On our CNC and NC lathes, we can machine workpieces up to 300mm diameter and 1000mm long. Thanks to the bar turning option, we provide efficient machining of components also for this technology.

Cavity sinking and wire EDM - for the strictest demands for dimensional stability and form accuracy

In the EDM department, we process parts with extreme requirements in terms of dimensional stability and form accuracy. Thanks to wire EDM, we can provide extremely small cutting widths and process almost any electrically conductive materials with no difficulty. Our cavity sinking EDM machinery makes it possible to work easily with hard-to-manufacture geometries. For tool- and die-making, such as the production of fine-blanking dies, cavity sinking and wire EDM operations are important manufacturing processes.

CNC grinding - from face grinding to coordinate grinding

Our grinding shop is responsible for the finishing of parts. Our processes include face grinding, cylindrical grinding, and form grinding, and coordinate grinding. We can grind virtually any shape. Air-conditioned rooms mean that even the closest tolerances are reliably kept. This guarantees top part quality and dimensional stability in each workpiece.

The interaction between our state-of-the-art machinery and our high-performing employees results in powerful and efficient manufacturing down the line. Great flexibility and persuasive quality are essential preconditions for quickly executing your orders.

Please contact us and learn more about our performance. We look forward to meeting you.